Plant Therapy Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Oil

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Plant Therapy Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Oil is a great natural solution for lymphatic drainage, edema, spider veins and varicose veins.


  • Ginger Essential Oil or Ginger Root Oil is derived from the root of the Zingiber officinaleherb, better known as Ginger.
  • Ginger Essential Oil has earned the nickname “The Oil of Empowerment” for the feeling of confidence that it is known to inspire.
  • Used in aromatherapy applications, Ginger Essential Oil is stimulating and warming. It can enhance concentration and it can soothe and reduce feelings of stress, sadness, anxiety, lethargy, agitation, dizziness, and fatigue.
  • Used topically, Ginger Essential Oil soothes redness, eliminates bacteria, inhibits the signs of skin damage and aging, and restores color and radiance to a dull complexion.
  • Used in hair, Ginger Essential Oil contributes to the health and cleanliness of the scalp, soothes dryness and itchiness, and enhances healthier hair growth by stimulating and improving circulation to the scalp.
  • Used medicinally, Ginger Essential Oil facilitates the elimination of toxins, boosts digestion, eases discomforts of the stomach and bowel, enhances appetite, clears the respiratory tract, soothes aches, and reduces inflammation.

It is derived from a ginger root, a favorite spice in the culinary realm. Research shows that ginger contains more than one hundred in chemicals that can support your chemicals that collaborate to enhance your overall well- being.

Extracted from ginger root, ginger oil benefits you by relieving swelling & pain by its warmingɱ and anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Rapidly reduces swelling from lymphedema
  • Unblocks clogged lymph nodes, which help with immunity
  • Decreases swollen glands after surgery or injury and inflammation
  • Reduces adipose tissues & fat cells
  • Stimulates expulsion of waste products & toxins


  • Massage oil 1-2 times daily for lymphatic drainage, focusing on areas around neck, knees, and armpits if necessary.
  • Apply after a warm bath is recommended.

Product Details

  • Active Ingredients: Ginger Oil, Ginger Root Extracts, Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Volume: 30ml
  • For external use only
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